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  1. Coal and coal briquettes
    1. Coal (Rock coal, Steam coal)
    2. Bituminous coal (brown coal)
    3. Coal anthracite
    4. Eco-pea coal
    5. Ordinary coal (0-300 mm)
    6. Anthracite Briquette
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  2. Сharcoal
    1. Charcoal
    2. Wood Charcoal Briquette
    3. Pyrolysis biocoal (biochar)
    4. Charcoal for Hookahs
  3. Equipment For Drying
    1. Infrared dryer
    2. Conveyor Dryer
    3. Infrared drying cabinet
    4. Convection Drying Oven
    5. Tunnel dryer on solid fuels
    6. Tunnel infrared sterilizer
    7. Dryer aerodynamic
    8. Chamber furnace
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    10. Charcoal furnace
    11. Сушилка шнековая
  4. Briquetting Presses
    1. Extruding machine
    2. Roller Press, Briquetting
    3. Hydraulic press
    4. Impact mechanical machine
    5. Granulator flat matrix
    6. Press for Briquettes of Pini&Kay Standard
    7. Auger Feed Granulator
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    9. Rotary press for briquetting
  5. Dehydration and separation equipment
    1. Auger Desiccator (dehydrator)
  6. Equipment For Crushing
    1. Rotary crusher
    2. Hammer crusher
    3. Deck Hammer Crusher
    4. Roller crusher
    5. Shredder
    6. Wood shredder (Wood chipper)
    7. Сhaff-cutter
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    1. Conveyor for cooling
    2. Conveyor with band
  8. Equipment for briquetting
    1. Equipment for the production of briquette
    2. Equipment for the briqueting of pulverized coal (coal dust)
    3. Equipment for briquetting of sawdust and bio-fuels
    4. Equipment for briquetting of charcoal
    5. Equipment for processing of manure
  9. Optional equipment
    1. Forced Action Mixer
    2. Flexible Bolt Coupling
    4. Forming Rolls (bandages)
    5. Binder for briquettes
  10. Food equipment
    1. Infrared Drying
    2. Convection Drying Oven
    3. Infrared Drying Cabinet
    4. Industrial Juicer
    5. Industrial Washing Machine For Vegetables And Fruits
Charcoal For Hookahs Редактировать
Charcoal For Hookahs

Hookahs are becoming more and more popular every year.

Many people now associate the process of smoking a hookah not only with smoking itself, but also with leisurely conversation, communication with friends and relaxation. Having come to Europe from India and Turkey, they cease to be something exotic and take a place not only in public spaces, but also in everyday life. We will neither agitate nor dissuade anyone from smoking a hookah, everyone will determine this for himself. Let's just help you understand a simple question - what is coal for a hookah, because if we talk about a hookah, then you need to understand that coal will always be a very important element of the hookah smoking process.

Hookah charcoal is a source of high temperature, due to which the smoking process itself takes place, therefore the softness of the smoke, the taste of tobacco and in many ways the comfort of the process directly depends on the quality of the charcoal for the hookah.

Today the most common hookah charcoal is coconut charcoal and walnut shell charcoal.

Hookah charcoal is obtained in the process of carbonization (combustion without oxygen access) of the feedstock, followed by pressing into small cubes 25x25x25 mm in size. Coconut and walnut shell charcoal is characterized by the absence of any third-party odor. It should be noted that hookah coconut charcoal has a longer smoldering time.


Our company offers hookah charcoal at a price of 50 UAH / kg