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Impact Mechanical Press. NESTRO


Impact mechanical press for the production of fuel briquettes

Nowadays, people start realizing the need to use of renewable energy sources. This concerns all spheres of human activity. So one of the alternatives to fossil hydrocarbons (coal, oil, gas) is a variety of biological raw materials of vegetable origin. Variety of waste, which is rarely used in the further course of business can be used as a raw material. For these purposes, producers usually use wood industry waste: sawdust, shavings, wood chips, shredded branches, bark, croaker, trim and other unbusinesslike wood. Also, agricultural waste: straw and husks of cereals, sunflower or buckwheat husk, pruning vines, stems and other parts of plants such as corn, sunflower, soybean, cane and more.

The most successful and cost-effective use of all this diversity is currently the production of fuel briquettes using special equipment. Impact mechanical press is proven briquetting technology. It uses impact extrusion. Our company has been producing such equipment on a regular basis for a long time. Based on past experience, we can note such distinguishing features of this equipment:

  • reliability and simplicity of design,
  • relatively low energy consumption per unit of output,
  • long duration of operation between the replacement of wearing parts,
  • ease of maintenance,
  • high performance,
  • possibility of a single operator to serve 2-3 presses,
  • high quality of briquette,
  • no smoke (as in Pini&Kay).

Pressing process does not require additional binders. But for high-quality briquettes and reliable operation of the presses, feedstock should be 0-6mm fraction (less is better) and humidity 8-12% (in case of non-compliance with the specified humidity, briquette is not formed). Also, in order to avoid breakdowns, raw materials should not contain any mechanical impurities: metal, stones and sand. Thus, for performing the specified conditions, it is required to grind and dry raw material if necessary. Our company manufactures all the necessary equipment.

Technical characteristics

Impact mechanical press Nestro


Productivity, kg/h

- straw
- stipa wood (sawdust)
- sunflower husk
- vine grapes
- grain wastes
- bulrush



Power, kWt


Briquette diameter, mm


Humidity of briquetting product, %

up to 14

Density of briquette, g/cm³

1,1 - 1,4

Temperature of processed product in pressing zone, С°

up to 280

Electricity consumption per hour of operation, kW


Specific energy consumption per kg of product, kW/kg

up to 0,05

Overall dimensions, not more, mm


Weight, kg


Price list



Briquetting line scheme (Scheme #1)

Briquetting line scheme (Scheme #2)

Briquetting line scheme (Scheme #3)