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Auger Desiccator (dehydrator)
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AUGER (SCREW) SEPARATOR DESICCATOR (SOSH) for separating liquid and solid fractions of large-fiber and sedimentary materials and mixtures.

Examples of SOSH use:

  • Separation of manure of cattle, pigs manure and bird droppings,
  • Dehydration of beet pulp,
  • Dewatering of brewers' grains,
  • Dehydration of alcohol draff,
  • Dehydration of meat processing waste,
  • Dehydration of food industry waste,
  • Dewatering and paper production wastes,
  • Provision of technological needs in the production of compost, manure litter reproduction, production of biofuels, etc.

Structurally Auger Separator Desiccator (screw separator dehydrator) is a screw assembly, equipped with a drum sieve of grate type and a squeeze locking mechanism. Drying material with moisture content of 85-95% is fed into the separator body. Working screw in conjunction with locking mechanism create within the material the radial and axial pressure. Under its action, liquid fraction is forced through the sieve drum cell, and the solid fraction is fed forward and is removed through the blinds shut-forcing mechanism. At the same time, due to the small gap (0.1 mm) between the edges of auger blades and mesh grate, there occurs self-cleaning of drum sieve cells and the removal of fine particles of solids from the extraction zone. The separator body has a cavity for storage and removal of the separated liquid fraction.

At the outlet from the separator, solid fraction humidity up to 60% is provided.

Our company offers two models of Auger Separator Desiccator (screw separator dehydrator) – SOSH-5 and SOSH-11.

Below are the specifications of the models:

Given examples show the most commonly used dewatering materials - manure of cattle, pigs manure and bird droppings.



SOSH-175 SOSH-230 SOSH-270


Cow manure (95% gap 0,5), m3/h  1-3 2-5 5-10
Pig manure (97% gap 0,5), m3/h  1-3 2-5 5-10
Chicken manure (97% gap 0,5), m3/h  1-3 2-5 5-10

Drive power, kW

5,5 7,5 7,5

Voltage of supply network, V

380 380 380

Frequency of supply network, Hz

50 50 50

Dimensions (LxWxH), mm

2200х800х1500 2400х1200х1600 2500х1600х1800

Weight, kg

600 700 850

Price list


Dehydration and granulation line scheme