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  1. Coal and coal briquettes
    1. Coal (Rock coal, Steam coal)
    2. Bituminous coal (brown coal)
    3. Coal anthracite
    4. Eco-pea coal
    5. Ordinary coal (0-300 mm)
    6. Anthracite Briquette
    7. Fuel Briquettes and Pellets
    8. Fuel Pellets
    9. Charcoal briquettes and pellets
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  2. Сharcoal
    1. Charcoal
    2. Wood Charcoal Briquette
    3. Pyrolysis biocoal (biochar)
    4. Charcoal for Hookahs
  3. Equipment For Drying
    1. Infrared dryer
    2. Conveyor Dryer
    3. Infrared drying cabinet
    4. Convection Drying Oven
    5. Tunnel dryer on solid fuels
    6. Tunnel infrared sterilizer
    7. Dryer aerodynamic
    8. Chamber furnace
    9. Continuous Carbonization Furnace
    10. Charcoal furnace
    11. Сушилка шнековая
  4. Briquetting Presses
    1. Extruding machine
    2. Roller Press, Briquetting
    3. Hydraulic press
    4. Impact mechanical machine
    5. Granulator flat matrix
    6. Press for Briquettes of Pini&Kay Standard
    7. Auger Feed Granulator
    8. Roller granulator
    9. Rotary press for briquetting
  5. Dehydration and separation equipment
    1. Auger Desiccator (dehydrator)
  6. Equipment For Crushing
    1. Rotary crusher
    2. Hammer crusher
    3. Deck Hammer Crusher
    4. Roller crusher
    5. Shredder
    6. Wood shredder (Wood chipper)
    7. Сhaff-cutter
  7. Conveyors
    1. Conveyor for cooling
    2. Conveyor with band
  8. Equipment for briquetting
    1. Equipment for the production of briquette
    2. Equipment for the briqueting of pulverized coal (coal dust)
    3. Equipment for briquetting of sawdust and bio-fuels
    4. Equipment for briquetting of charcoal
    5. Equipment for processing of manure
  9. Optional equipment
    1. Forced Action Mixer
    2. Flexible Bolt Coupling
    4. Forming Rolls (bandages)
    5. Binder for briquettes
  10. Food equipment
    1. Infrared Drying
    2. Convection Drying Oven
    3. Infrared Drying Cabinet
    4. Industrial Juicer
    5. Industrial Washing Machine For Vegetables And Fruits
Extruding Press

Extrusion press (Press-EP) is briquetting coal dust, coal sludge, peat, lime, chalk, charcoal, lignin, manure, bird droppings and other loose materials without binders

Our company produces entire line of extrusion auger presses (screw presses) of EP series with different capacity and performance. Depending on the type of raw material, size and power of the equipment performance can reach 10 Tons of finished products per hour per press. It should be noted that presses with this design can briquette virtually any small fraction bulk materials if using the additive binders, which after drying and cooling of briquette determine its quality, strength and resistance to external influences.

There is a long list of materials and substances that are briquetted in screw presses without any additives. Such materials already contain substances, which are released from the material becoming ductile and strong during compression and heat. They act as a natural glue that connects the raw material particles while forming the briquette. Strong compression and high temperatures are achieved by operating of the auger when feeding the raw material into a conical chamber, where extrusion mass goes through the seal and subsequently briquetting through the forming die.

For such materials, the basic requirement for high-quality briquette production is a fine dispersion, which is either a natural raw material property, or is achieved by grinding and crushing by the appropriate equipment. It is enough to mix such small fraction raw material with water to the state of a uniform elastic mass to prepare the mixture ready for briquetting. Using presses EP without using binder additives, producer receives quality briquette production of such materials as fossil coal grades D, E, F, G, K, peat, lignin, sapropel, animal manure, bird droppings, chalk, lime.

For this production, our company also produces all the necessary equipment. These are crushers, mixers, dryers, coolers, etc.



Extrusion press PBE-219
With dispenser, heater and the trim mechanism
With dispenser, heater and the trim mechanism
With dispenser, heater and the trim mechanism
With dispenser, heater and the trim mechanism
Performance *, kg/h 2000 3000 7000 12000
Pressing force up to 14 tons up to 20 tons up to 25 tons up to 30 tons
Pressure, kg/cm 275 275 275 300
Speed of rotation of the main screw, rev/min 70-75 70-75 72-75 72-75
Speed pre-press screw, rev/min 5-35,5 5-35,5 5-35,5 5-35,5
Power of main drive motor, kW 15 22 30 45
Motor power pre-press, kW 3 3 3 5
Power of heater, kW 2 2 3 4

Parameters of resulting briquette:
Density, g/cm3




Dimensions, mm



1800×2200×2200 2000×2500×2200
Weight, kg 850 1050 1250 1850

 * - Performance depends on the density of the material (peat-500kg / m3, coal - 1500 kg / m3)

Price list



Briquetting line scheme


 0668_eng 6618_eng 4103_eng