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    1. Auger Desiccator (dehydrator)
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    3. Equipment for briquetting of sawdust and bio-fuels
    4. Equipment for briquetting of charcoal
    5. Equipment for processing of manure
  9. Optional equipment
    1. Forced Action Mixer
    2. Flexible Bolt Coupling
    4. Forming Rolls (bandages)
    5. Binder for briquettes
  10. Food equipment
    1. Infrared Drying
    2. Convection Drying Oven
    3. Infrared Drying Cabinet
    4. Industrial Juicer
    5. Industrial Washing Machine For Vegetables And Fruits
Bituminous coal (brown coal)
бурый уголь


69 tons


67 tons

in 25kg bags

22 tons

in 25kg bags



Our enterprise OOO “LTS Company” (Ukraine) is the official representative of TOO “TD “Maykuben Komir” (Kazakhstan) and the exclusive dealer for the sale of coal from the Maykuben and Shubarkol coal mines.

Our company has gained extensive professional experience, the reputation of a reliable partner and strong ties with the coal-mining enterprises of Kazakhstan. We have a large, positive experience of participation in various competitions and tenders for the supply of coal.

The main activity of the organization is to supply wholesale coal in the domestic market and abroad. Deliveries are carried out in many regions, mainly for the needs of public utility. Due to different objectives of consumers, for easy transport and storage our coal is packaged in bags of 25 and 50 kg.

This page provides information on the Lignite or Bituminous coal, which can help you determine whether the acquisition of a particular type of coal, as well as get familiar with the characteristics of the products supplied by us and pick up your desired product. We sincerely hope that signing the contract and receiving the coal supplied by our Company, you will be satisfied with the quality of work and interested in further cooperation with us.

ignite is the youngest fossil coal. It lies relatively shallow and therefore is produced by open pit mine. This fact significantly reduces the cost of this type of coal and makes it competitive in the energy market.

Our company has been supplying coal of grade B3..

According to its characteristics, it is the best of all grades of Lignite, and comes close to the slow and long burning coals. It has low ash content (up to 18%), and about the same internal humidity (18%). Furthermore, the coal contains a large amount of volatile substances (50%) and thereby it is quickly ignited and burns well. Therefore, coal B3 is one of the few that is best suited for all types of furnaces, having Layer burning. This coal must be applied in small portions in order volatile substances to connect with the Oxygen saturation of the ambient air during combustion. Since B3 grade coal can burn without blowing, it is preferable to be used in residential furnaces and boilers, utility boilers, solid fuel boilers with an automatic fuel supply. In addition, coal B3 is also widely used at the power plants; in thermal power generation; in industrial production; in the chemical industry and etc.



Bituminous coal assorted (graded B3) for household needs



The lower specific heat of fuel combustion in working condition, Qir k/cal/kg 5000
The higher specific heat of fuel combustion in working condition, Qir k/cal/kg 6400
Ash content in dry fuel state, Ad % 6 - 12
Total mass of moisture in working condition, Wrt % 14 - 18
Total mass of sulfur in dry state, Sdt % 0,4 - 1,0
Total mass of chlorine, % 0,022
Total mass of arsenic, % 0,00016
Code and stamp HS EurAsEC 2 7 0 2 1 0 0 0 0 0
Code and brand FEA KP 05. 20. 10
Volatile matter in dry ash-free condition, Vdaf, % 40 - 48
Grindability factor 1,15 - 1,21
Melting point for ash in melting phase, 0C

t1- 1120-12800C,
t2- 1160-13400C,
t3- 1190-13800C



Chemical composition of coal ash,%

SiO2 37,01 - 49,87
Аl2O3 21,86 - 30,23
Fe2O3 16,55 - 7,55
СаО 8,79 - 4,42
MgO 4,33 - 2,24
Р2O3 0,60 - 0,25
Na2O 0,65 - 0,80
К2O 0,60 - 1,50
SO3 8,83 - 2,24
ТiO2 0,78 - 0,90



Elemental composition daf,%

Oxygen 18,4 - 20,5
Nitrogen 0,93 - 1,05
Nitrogen 5,76 - 4,70
Carbon 74,2 - 73,1
Sulfur 0,71 - 0,65