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  1. Coal and coal briquettes
    1. Coal (Rock coal, Steam coal)
    2. Bituminous coal (brown coal)
    3. Coal anthracite
    4. Eco-pea coal
    5. Ordinary coal (0-300 mm)
    6. Anthracite Briquette
    7. Fuel Briquettes and Pellets
    8. Fuel Pellets
    9. Charcoal briquettes and pellets
    10. About coals
    11. Make an order
  2. Сharcoal
    1. Charcoal
    2. Wood Charcoal Briquette
    3. Pyrolysis biocoal (biochar)
    4. Charcoal for Hookahs
  3. Equipment For Drying
    1. Infrared dryer
    2. Conveyor Dryer
    3. Infrared drying cabinet
    4. Convection Drying Oven
    5. Tunnel dryer on solid fuels
    6. Tunnel infrared sterilizer
    7. Dryer aerodynamic
    8. Chamber furnace
    9. Continuous Carbonization Furnace
    10. Charcoal furnace
    11. Сушилка шнековая
  4. Briquetting Presses
    1. Extruding machine
    2. Roller Press, Briquetting
    3. Hydraulic press
    4. Impact mechanical machine
    5. Granulator flat matrix
    6. Press for Briquettes of Pini&Kay Standard
    7. Auger Feed Granulator
    8. Roller granulator
    9. Rotary press for briquetting
  5. Dehydration and separation equipment
    1. Auger Desiccator (dehydrator)
  6. Equipment For Crushing
    1. Rotary crusher
    2. Hammer crusher
    3. Deck Hammer Crusher
    4. Roller crusher
    5. Shredder
    6. Wood shredder (Wood chipper)
    7. Сhaff-cutter
  7. Conveyors
    1. Conveyor for cooling
    2. Conveyor with band
  8. Equipment for briquetting
    1. Equipment for the production of briquette
    2. Equipment for the briqueting of pulverized coal (coal dust)
    3. Equipment for briquetting of sawdust and bio-fuels
    4. Equipment for briquetting of charcoal
    5. Equipment for processing of manure
  9. Optional equipment
    1. Forced Action Mixer
    2. Flexible Bolt Coupling
    4. Forming Rolls (bandages)
    5. Binder for briquettes
  10. Food equipment
    1. Infrared Drying
    2. Convection Drying Oven
    3. Infrared Drying Cabinet
    4. Industrial Juicer
    5. Industrial Washing Machine For Vegetables And Fruits
Conveyor with tape

Band conveyor is a transporting device of continuous action with a working body in the form of a belt.

Belt conveyor is used for moving in horizontal or inclined directions of variety of bulk and general cargo, as well as for the interoperable transportation of products in the mass production. They are widely used in all industries and are the main aggregates of the motorization of transport in foundries (supply and distribution of land and waste management), the fuel power plants, above-ground and underground transportation of coal and breeds in coal, ore, coke and fluxes in metallurgy, building materials and mineral resources in quarries, grain in granaries, sand and stone for the construction of canals and hydro power stations.

Belt conveyors are integral parts of these complex machines: rotary excavators, handling and conveyor bridges, handling machines, etc. Band conveyors have become widespread due to the possibility of achieving high performance, great length of transportation, simplicity of the design and operation, and high reliability.


Band conveyors

Technical characteristics

BC-1/600 BC-1/800 BC-1/1000

Width of band, mm

600 800 1000

Moving speed, m/min

6-50 6-50 6-50

Working height, mm

500 600 750

Power, W

380 380 380

Power of electric motor, kW

2.2-15 4-17 4-30

Roller diameter, mm

89 89 89

Price list